Brand protection

Brand Protection Services

  • Physical “on the spot” expertise at public prosecution office, customs, police, etc
  • Filing of criminal complaints
    (support of the court procedures, affidavit, witness. expertise)
  • IP related criminal & civil litigation legal support
  • Filing of your trademarks in this region
    (incl.opposition & nullification procedures)
  • Filing of custom applications
  • Full Support customs cases (ex-officio)
  • Criminal, administrative and/or civil procedures, including cost recovery
  • Organizing & Coordination of multiple raid/sweep actions
  • Representing brand owners at trainings for authorities
  • Local, regional cross border and international lobbying and alliance building


  • Intellectual property crime investigations
    (infringements, counterfeits)
  • Monitoring of your trademarks/brands and possible offering of counterfeit at markets, shops, retail & wholesale (market surveys)
  • Report possible irregularities and illicit trade activities
  • Litigation intelligence, evidence and information gathering, due diligence reports
  • Online & retail Test purchases
  • Cross border and in country undercover operations